What role does the ICP license play in Baidu SEO?

An ICP license is mandatory for websites hosted in China. It demonstrates regulatory compliance and legitimacy. While Baidu indexes sites without it, prioritization is given to Chinese-hosted sites with an ICP license.

Why is Baidu SEO different from Google SEO?

While Baidu and Google may appear similar, their SEO strategies differ significantly. Baidu prioritizes Chinese domains, requires hosting in mainland China, an ICP license, and emphasizes meta tags. Unlike Google, Baidu uses specific sites it owns, like Baike and Tieba, for better rankings.

Does SEO work in China?

Companies can enhance their online visibility through a robust SEO strategy and SEM advertising. However, SEO and SEM practices in China diverge significantly from those on western platforms such as Google or Bing, particularly in terms of technical and legal requisites.