What steps are essential when hosting a website in China?

Web Design: Ensure the design resonates with Chinese customers and reflects your brand identity.
Localized Content: Localize language and content to represent your brand and target your audience effectively.
Website Hosting: Host your website on a suitable server in China for faster loading times and improved user experience.
Website Audit: Conduct an audit to identify performance and user experience issues, optimizing your site for the Chinese market.

Why do I need a Chinese website if I have WeChat?

While WeChat is essential, it shouldn’t replace a dedicated website. WeChat has limitations, and having a website with a .com.cn address not only builds trust but also ensures visibility on China’s main search engine Baidu, which WeChat cannot provide.

Can I run Baidu Ads without hosting my website in China?

Yes, you can run Baidu Ads for both locally and non-locally hosted websites. However, optimizing Baidu SEO requires hosting your site in China, as Chinese search engines prioritize domestically hosted websites for indexing.

Why should I consider hosting my company’s website in China?

Hosting your website in China ensures faster loading times for Chinese users and higher search engine rankings on platforms like Baidu, which is essential for credibility and visibility in the Chinese market. Local hosting also establishes trust and legitimacy among Chinese consumers.

What is an ICP license?

An ICP license is a permit issued by the Chinese government, allowing individuals, organizations, or businesses to legally operate and host a website in China.