Ava Han

Account Executive

Ava Han joined the NBH team in March 2021 and has been working as an Account Executive since then.

As an Account Executive, she is responsible for clients’ content design and operations and assisting marketing execution needs.

Before joining NBH, she worked at adidas. Ava Han is strong digitally and have a high level of creative mindset. She holds a degree from Dalian Software University in Animation and have worked within the creative field over 5 years. Ava Han has strong experience with project management and therefore extremely strong in executing plans accordingly to set strategies.

In her previous work Ava Han has an advantage of having experience with creative both within the digital universe and from the retail store front and therefore Ava Han has a good lens to consider content which can be implemented in both perspectives.

Ava is a big fan of Nordic brands due to the strong combination of functional design and quality of material. Ava have not yet had the chance to visit the Nordics but by working with the many clients through NBH, she can feel the Nordic atmosphere already. Now she cannot wait experience it live.

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