Parhat, a graduate in Pharmacy from Fudan University, China, embarked on a career in pharmaceutical market development and client relationship management. Furthering his education at Karolinska Institute in Sweden, he specialized in Bioentrepreneurship, gaining comprehensive knowledge in project management, market development, and business expansion within the life sciences domain.

Possessing a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Parhat excels in communication, establishing connections, and expanding business horizons. He has successfully facilitated numerous business dialogues between Sweden and the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the Chinese market, conducting market research and maintaining client relationships.

Parhat has previously facilitated productive dialogues between the Nordic and Chinese markets, conducting extensive market research. His clientele includes notable companies such as NetEase Games, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Group, BioGaia (Sweden), as well as China Meheco Group, among others.

Notably, Parhat exhibits exceptional insights and pioneering capabilities in the B2B sector, and he aspires to further cultivate and excel in areas such as CRM and sales.

Parhat, joined NBH as Client Success Manager in 2023, bringing his extensive experience to our Stockholm office. We’re thrilled to welcome Parhat and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions he’ll bring to our team!

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