AI-SI Global and NBH join together to bring strong brands from Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia to China

Oct 28, 2020 |
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AI-SI Global is based in Slovenia and is an all-around service provider to connect businesses with the most suitable solutions for China market. Covering Chinese tourist, payment solutions, branding in China to general business consultancy. To provide the best service for their clients, AI-SI Global has entered the cooperation with NBH to strengthen their China marketing services offering for the following markets: Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia.

“At AI-SI GLOBAL, we work with only the best specialists on the global market. For branding and marketing services in China market, we rely on NBH digital marketing agency. We are confident that NBH will deliver the services with maximum effort and measurable results for our clients.” says Domen Jere, Co-founder and COO at AI-SI GLOBAL.

“NBH, has focused its business on the Nordic market as our philosophy is that our experts must have necessary experience from the brand we are working with, both from an industry and origin perspective. The cooperation with AI-SI Global is our first cooperation outside of the Nordics and we are confidence that we have a good match with our philosophy as Domen Jere and his team provides great experience from both China and the Central European countries Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia whereas NBH provides the in-depth know-how from a broad industry perspective. We believe together we will be able to provide the clients of AI-SI GLOBAL with the best solutions.” says Jonathan Kullman, CEO at NBH.

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