Double 12 Shopping Festival, a continued online shopping celebration

Double 12 Shopping Festival, a continued online shopping celebration

Each year, Double 12 Shopping Festival in China takes place on 12 December. Even though it is one month later than the biggest Chinese online shopping festival Double 11, the sales momentum a brand could achieve is still worth mentioning. Based on the data from the China Post, China Post and other delivery service companies collected 401M packages on Dec 12, 2019, with a YoY of 24.5% in comparison of the 322M packages collected on Dec 12, 2018.

Prior Dec 12, major Chinese e-commerce platforms like Tmall,, and Suning would start the promotion of Double 12 Shopping Festival. Tmall would offer incentives like red pocket (cash rebate), and would offer various discounts to attract customers for purchase.

Since the start of Double 12 Shopping Festival, more and more product categories have joined the shopping festival including but not limited to women and men’s wear, baby and maternal products, homeware, home appliance, beauty, skin care, etc. During the

Double 11 Shopping Festival, Alibaba achieved the record GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of RMB 498.2 billion (RMB/USD=0.15 as of November 19), and YoY of 26%. Alibaba’s major competitor also achieved the notable result of GMV of RMB 271.5 billion. Even though Double 12 Shopping Festival 2020 related data has not yet been published, analysts expects a notable achieved growth in comparison with 2019.

NBH has been appointed as the China digital marketing agency for Stockholm Business Region

NBH has been appointed as the China digital marketing agency for Stockholm Business Region

NBH won the Stockholm Business Region Group’s procurement process for digital services in China. The procurement process was evaluated based on agencies qualifications, written proposal, and oral presentation. The entire process was managed by Colligio on behalf of the Stockholm Business Region.

The scope includes Invest Stockholm and Visit Stockholm, which together promotes, develop, and market Stockholm internationally as an investment and tourist destination. NBH has now been selected by Stockholm Business Region to be the responsible agency for all digital communication towards China market including but not limited to management of its social media accounts.

“We are happy and excited to start our cooperation with Invest Stockholm and Visit Stockholm. We are confident that in partnership with Stockholm Business Region we will be an ideal brand representative for Stockholm and bring forward many uncountable angels towards the Chinese businesses and Chinese travelers”. Says, Jonathan Kullman, CEO at NBH.

NBH is a digital boutique agency based in Shanghai, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Reykjavik with a niche focus on capturing Chinese customers by unfolding the core of Nordic brand stories. NBH is probably the best Gatekeeper of Nordic brands towards the Chinese customers as each team member at NBH has professional experience from both Nordics and China market, besides the obvious fact of all being digital savvy and professional marketeers.

“Visit Stockholm are happy to partner with NBH in China. It is an important market for Stockholm, and we are looking forward to working together”, says Caroline Strand, CEO at Visit Stockholm.

New job openings available at NBH Shanghai office

New job openings available at NBH Shanghai office

Join NBH and become a member of one of the fastest growing Chinese marketing agencies focusing on Nordic brands!
加入NBH, 成为快速成长的关注北欧品牌的营销公司一员!

NBH is a digital agency capturing the Chinese customers focusing on growing Nordic brands towards a Chinese audience.

In the world where China’s digital communication channels are unique from the rest of the world, our marketing experts, create and build strong presences and campaigns that inspire action and deliver measurable business results. NBH is based in Shanghai, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Reykjavik, and are official trusted partner of Tencent, ByteDance, Alipay and Ctrip.

We work with Nordic brands within education, tourism, consumer brands and B2B.

We are looking for our next member of our growing team at our Shanghai office. The person should be a marketer with experience of digital marketing. We also think you should have an interested and experience of the Nordic lifestyle and culture, as well having an open mindset and willingness to learn new things.

You will become part of an amazing team that is breaking new boundaries and enable Nordic brands to grow and reach its full potential in China. As part of our team you will be working in a fast-moving and dynamic environment that will enable you to develop yourself within the field of marketing. Travel to the Nordics might also be required on occasions, so an interest in travel is a plus!

For more information about the position, please follow our WeChat nbhchina
更多职位信息,请关注微信公众号 nbhchina

Promote Iceland expands its partnership with NBH for Invest in Iceland

Promote Iceland expands its partnership with NBH for Invest in Iceland

To assist Invest in Iceland’s endeavor on fostering cross-border business opportunities between Iceland and China, NBH was appointed by Promote Iceland as the lead agency for all digital communication related to Iceland as a destination towards Chinese travelers. The scope has now been expanded to boost business opportunities for Icelandic companies for exports and foreign direct investment.

Promote Iceland is a forum for marketing and promoting Icelanders and Icelandic businesses abroad. Their key objectives are to strengthen Iceland’s reputation and image abroad, creating interest in the country as a destination and increasing demand for what is Icelandic. China represents an excellent opportunity to further promote Icelandic businesses, especially considering the Free Trade Agreement between Iceland and China. Through the partnership between Promote Iceland and NBH, this will enhance branding consistency and promotion of Iceland as a unique place to do business.

Promote Iceland facilitates collaboration between Icelandic and Chinese businesses. For export and trade, Promote Iceland offers various marketing and trade promotional services including organization of trade fairs and business delegations, in-depth consulting, training programs and general market information. From an investment perspective, Promote Iceland offers great insight and solutions for Chinese investors who are looking into setting up a new business in Iceland or expand an existing one.  

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation and trust with NBH thus far. We are now expanding our cooperation with them to our trade and investment business, which will ensure consistency of communication to the Chinese market” says, Daníel Oddsson, Project Manager of Promote Iceland.    

 “We are very happy that Promote Iceland has expanded the scope and thereby provide marketing services for both the tourism and trade side for the Chinese market.  We like to work closely with our customers and see ourselves as an extension of their marketing department. We believe this gives optimal results” says, Jonathan Kullman, CEO of NBH

2020 Double 11 Shopping Festival once again breaks the record

2020 Double 11 Shopping Festival once again breaks the record

In the early 1990s, a group of university students at Nanjing University came up with the concept to celebrate Singles’ Day on November 11 (11.11), as 1 looks like a bare stick which is a Chinese slang for a single man. Since then it has gradually become an unofficial holiday to be celebrated. In 2009, Alibaba, which is one of the biggest e-commerce players in China, initiated a sales campaign tryout on Nov 11, and achieved an unexpected great result. Since then, it has become a ritual to host the Double 11 Shopping festival on November 11.

This year, with the negative impact from Covid-19 pandemic, doubts on the potential sales outcome this year had been raised by some analysts; however, the results speak for themselves and  Alibaba achieved the record GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of RMB 498.2 billion (RMB/USD=0.15 as of November 19), and YoY of 26%. Alibaba’s major competitor also achieved the notable result of GMV of RMB 271.5 billion.

Apart from the record GMV, several other results are also worth mentioning. As of 24:00 November 11, 2020, 33 live-streaming rooms exceeded GMV of RMB 100M+ each on Alibaba, such as live-streaming room of Estee Lauder, Huawei, Lancôme, etc.; almost 500 live-streaming rooms achieved GMV of RMB 10M+ each. As well, the total Tmall logistics order volume exceeded 2.32 billion.

Last but not least, foreign brands have become a focus for both e-commerce giants Alibaba and With the impact from the pandemic, travel to overseas became more than difficult. Traditionally, Chinese would also purchase many foreign products during their trip abroad as well; however, this year they could only rely on online sales channels. With the official stores on either Tmall or the chance of getting fake products would be eliminated. This year, out of the 250,000 brands that participated the Double 11 Shopping Festival, 31,000 of them were from overseas.

With the uncertainty posed by the ongoing pandemic around the world, and China’s success on containing the pandemic, targeting consumers in the Chinese market has become more important than ever for many overseas’ brands’ survival and prosperity. NBH is a boutique agency with years’ experience in helping overseas brands to establish and further their brand presence in China, and NBH is here to cooperate with you,  overseas brands with or without presence but the willingness to enter in China, to grow your China business together.