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B2B marketing event: Today, Tomorrow & in the Future
News | Jun 2021

Shanghai 29th of June 2021, June Qin COO of NBH, conducted a seminar talking about B2B branding. The main theme of the event was B2B branding: Today, tomorrow, and in the future. The event was hosted together with DCCC-Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Today, Tomorrow & in the Future

Sometimes it can be difficult for the B2B industry to navigate their marketing in China, what digital platforms are there and how to bring the best results? This was something that June discussed during the seminar.

Thank you DCCC – Danish Chamber of Commerce in China and the engaging members attending our seminar B2B branding: Today, Tomorrow, and in the Future.

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June Qin, COO of NBH, speaks about B2B Branding.
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