What is the Bilibili platform?

May 6, 2024 |

Bilibili (哔哩哔哩), also known as “B Site” (B站), is a comprehensive video community in China, highly popular among the younger generation. Over 85% of Bilibili’s users are under 35 years old. The platform have over 336 million active users (MAU).

Centered around users, creators, and content, Bilibili has built an ecosystem that continuously produces high-quality content. China’s top professional creators gather on Bilibili to produce videos across thousands of categories such as lifestyle, gaming, fashion, knowledge, and music, leading the trends in pop culture and making it a unique presence in the Chinese internet. Currently, 94% of video views on Bilibili come from professional user-generated videos (PUGV).

Additionally, Bilibili offers commercial products and services like mobile games, live streaming, paid content, advertising, comics, e-commerce, and has strategic initiatives in esports and virtual idols. The company went public on the NASDAQ in March 2018 and had a secondary listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in March 2021.

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In response to the impact of short videos, Bilibili launched a vertical video format called Story Mode, more suitable for watching short videos. This mode offers more entertainment and immersion, meeting the demand for bite-sized content and enhancing ad load and monetization. The introduction of Story Mode has lowered the barrier for content creation, attracted more creators, revived less active users, broadened the user age range, garnered favor from middle-aged users, and increased Bilibili’s revenue through diverse and flexible ad formats. Click here to read what services we provide for Bilibili.

B2B Marketing On Bilibili

Bilibili strongly encourages educational content, making it an excellent platform for B2B brands with complex products and long sales cycles. Through educational content, brands can introduce and explain technical solutions and products, educate the market, and nurture potential leads.

B2B companies that are looking for a platform to gather video assets to educate potential and existing customers on how to use it’s solutions in China. Then Bilibili can be a good option!

Additional function of Bilibili that several companies found useful is to have the videos on your CN website linked to Bilibili. Same solution as you use Youtube videos linked to the global website. But as Youtube is now working in China Bilibili offers a good platform to consider if you want Chinese end-users to experience video assets on on your CN website.

It is recommended to have Chinese subtitle and/or Chinese voice-over on the video content that is being uploaded on Bilibili. This is to ensure the best possible experience for the Chinese target audience.

To share some example on how companies use Bilibili we include two B2B brands for reference.

Schneider Electric: A B2B Brand Winning with Creative Content on Bilibili

Schneider Electric Bilibili
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Schneider Electric released a video within two months of joining Bilibili, which increased its followers by 50%. Established in 1836 in a small town in Eastern France, Schneider Electric has a history of nearly 200 years. Bilibili serves as a content distribution platform within Schneider Electric’s social media strategy for China.

As a content distribution platform, Schneider Electric has produced viral content like the “Gas C Position Battle.” The video introduces the product and technology. The video achieved over 420,000 views across social media, over 10,000 interactions, more than 1,000 comments.

Texas Instruments: Effortlessly Gaining 46,000 Followers on Bilibili

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the world’s largest semiconductor design and manufacturing companies. Many young people use Bilibili as a learning resource, earning it the nickname “Bilibili University.” On Bilibili, educational content tends to be longer, fitting the learning needs of proffesionals.

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Most of Texas Instruments’ educational videos are around 30 minutes long, some even reaching 90 minutes, featuring full-screen PPT presentations by technical managers, catering to the learning preferences of university students. These videos achieve over 100,000 views without any significant investment, maximizing the long-tail effect. TI also shares technical explanations, product demonstrations, and engineering case studies to communicate and share content with users. Currently, they have 67,000 Bilibili followers.

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