Marketing and conversion, easy with Dianping

Marketing and conversion, easy with Dianping

What is the most frequently raised topic asked to marketing people? It must be “What is the sales result from your marketing activity?”. As a marketer, sometimes you will feel confused as marketing is not all about sales; it is about knowing, feeling and affection of the consumer to your brand and your product.

But still, not a single company can live without sales and it is very important that for every marketing campaign, we take into consideration the sales opportunity in its related touch point. Luckily, with the development of technology and popularization of 4G, even 5G, sales generated directly from marketing campaign are no longer a dream. Now people can see, like, buy and share in one second with the fast speed of the internet.

Today, we will talk about a quick conversion digital platform in China which is called Dianping and how this platform can help marketing people to achieve easy conversion in real time.


To consumers and users, Dianping is more like a city guide where you can find places to eat, buy, play, visit, relax in all cities around the world and look at other people’s reviews & recommendations to find the best place for you to entertain yourself. It is similar to Trip Advisor but with more functionality and benefits available for both consumers and marketeers.


Based on the Dianping functionality and information, consumers who are looking for a specific experience will check on Dianping for recommendations. They will search in key categories for places to go, check the top list in the category near them (Dianping has location-based function), look up users’ ratings & reviews, and see if there are any promotional offers. If interested, they can make direct bookings via Dianping, collect the promotional coupons, and go.


Since Dianping has the full consumer journey chain, from search to content and purchase, it has a high potential for brands/stores to attract and close the deal with consumers on Dianping, especially for food, entertainment, and shopping places.

Dianping offers plenty of marketing tools to help you from attraction to conversion. But first, you need to open the official account of your store and place on Dianping. For official account clients, brands and stores can invest in CPC (coupons) where the store and places are always shown in first page of the search results. Also, brands can manage the content, from introduction to photo, while also managing reviews and comments left by consumers to get a good rating. Dianping offers different marketing opportunities from discount coupons to free trail KOL activities to help drive focus and conversion. Helping you to measure the sales impact from this marketing activity.

From marketing to conversion, it is so easy with Dianping.