Function update on WeChat: optimize your visibility on WeChat

Apr 22, 2020 |

WeChat continuously evolves their functions on the platform, and it is important for brands to stay up to date in these changes to ensure that their presences on WeChat is optimized accordingly. In the recent public seminar WeChat presented updated functions which put quality before quantity. At NBH, we see two main WeChat updates which is important to notice from a marketing perspective.


The articles pushed from public accounts will no longer be ranked based on the publish time. The showing sequence will be random according to the update result, and the update is called “optimizing effective reading” by WeChat team. This function has just been updated recently, and people can still choose to read base on timeline as an option.

This requires brands to have even higher quality of the content instead of frequent push to get more views.


The message and comments area of public accounts is a good place for readers to communicate and express their feelings. WeChat has now updated the area to more like BBS function. Brands can reply comments and messages under this section and can select the comments to be shown. This function update has strongly improved the daily communication and interaction between account owner and readers while make the communication function of WeChat more humanized.

For brands, this sets a higher standard for account operators to keep frequent communication with followers instead of pushing message alone.

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