Importance of online PR in China

May 14, 2021 |

Globally, Public Relations (PR) is in general a very powerful form of communication. PR and online PR in China is one of the most cost-efficient forms of communication to develop the image and reputation of your company, brand or product.

Online PR is very important in China

Online PR is one of the more important format of PR in China the reason for this is because the online news source are the main source of information for Chinese. Especially for the target audience which may be interested in Nordic products. Which is Chinese whom has increasing purchasing power and find the importance of balance of price and quality product. This target audience prefer to read news online. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a strong focus of your strategy when it comes to online PR.

How to create good online PR story

The stories for online PR need to be more concreate and precise as the avg. time spend on reading online articles are less but more often compared to traditional PR. Online media is hungry for new stories and therefore you will find story pitching or press releases will be taken onboard by the online media relatively easy as long as you produce quality content which is clear to the point.

Whether you are a retail brand or a B2B business there are many suitable angles to find from your story which can be pitched to the individual. Another large benefit about investing in online PR is to create Search Optimization with relevant content around your brand or company.

Here is some of the key online new media to consider:

  • Sina: Owner of the Sina Weibo, Sina is amongst one of the most important web portal in China.
  • Sohu: One of the earliest portal media in China and with the strong base of users and recognition, still one of the top influential online media in China.
  • 163 / Netease: Business area covering portal media, gaming, email service, Netease has huge influence in information and news spreading.
  • QQ News: Belong to Tencent group, QQ News connected with one of the top communication tool QQ in China, has quick news spreading speed and direct channel.
  • Renmingwang (the People’s daily): One of most influential news media in China with government background.
  • Xinhua (New China) Press agency: Top news hub for China with branch offices for global news around the world.
  • Fenghuang (lfeng): Rooted in Hongkong, ifeng is a leading media for providing information around the world.

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