Baidu search engine marketing (SEM)

NBH runs your Baidu ads, to increase brand awareness and get direct leads! We track your performance so that we together can develop and create a strong presence.    

Baidu, just like Google, has a wide range of advertising tools to get higher exposure in search results. 

We customize all digital presence for our clients, to fulfill their needs and reach new targets. Focus on your industry, and we make sure that your work will be seen! 

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We run your Baidu ads

Same as with Google, doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can create exposure and help to position your brand towards your target audience. It can help your business to create new leads, visits to your Chinese website, and boost the overall brand awareness. 

Baidu SEM, can also be referred to Baidu PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, has great opportunities integrating advertising on Baidu.

baidu sem

Baidu SEM strategy

We tailor your Baidu SEM strategy.  We analyze what keywords to invest in, what ad format to use and what is the target for CPC, etc. All this is being developed and executed by NBH marketing experts.

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We data track your performance

No matter what SEM activities is being done for a company, data is the key to track the performance.  

On all Baidu SEM activities NBH do gather data for each individual keyword in terms of impressions, clicks, click through rate, cost per click, generated leads, and costs per each keyword. We believe in transparancy and want our clients to feel included.  

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Direct communication

On Baidu you can do ads in terms of an inquiry form, where people interested in your products and services can fill in your name and telephone number. This type of communication is very appreciated among Chinese clients.   

This information can then be forwarded to the sales team that will contact the leads generated from Baidu SEM to determine if it’s a qualified or disqualified lead.  

landing page on baidu

Market your landing page

Get your entire landing page on the search engine of Baidu labeled according to companies branding guidelines. Display different business divisions depending on what business objective is the purpose of the ad.  

Get started with SEM in China

Book a meeting with one of our sales representatives. Together we discuss your specific needs and get to know more about how we can help you use SEM in your marketing in China!
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Baidu SEO?

We are not only experts in Baidu SEM, but also in Baidu SEO. Find out more about Baidu SEO and how NBH can help you! 

NBH optimizes your Baidu SEM …

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Case: Kollmorgen


  • Increase leads to China sales team
  • Generate more cost per click leads at lower average cost by testing and optimising Baidu SEM account settings
  • Understand user clickstreams and behavior better and translate that into a better customer experience and results


  • Baidu SEM strategy
  • Tailor made key-words list for Baidu
  • Daily operation of Baidu SEM

    Optimisation of Baidu SEM accounts



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