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New client collaboration – NBH X Coravin
News | May 2022

NBH is proud to present our new client collaboration with Coravin!

Who is Coravin?

Coravin delivers the ULTIMATE solution for wine preservation! Unlike other wine preservers, which only delay the oxidation of your wine, the Coravin Wine Preservation System is designed to pour wine without removing the cork, so wine always tastes as if it has just been opened — even years later. How great isn’t that??

We will help Coravin to update and upgrade their WeChat Mini Program. The platform will include CRM, OMS, and payments so that their B2B partners easily can make an order, check stock status, and much more!

Simply say, a complete solution of a WeChat Mini Program!

We are happy that Coravin has joined NBH. Keep you updated with the Coravin Mini Program!

To get to know Coravin better, visit their website at coravin.com.

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Coravin wine preserver.
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