NBH keynote speaker at Content Day

Feb 14, 2020 |

On Valentine’s Day 2020, NBH’s CEO Jonathan Kullman was invited as a key-note speaker at Content Day in Stockholm. Content Day is an annual event hosted by Swedish Content Agencies, one of Sweden’s leading industry association for agencies that work with content marketing and communication.

All the major Swedish content agencies were represented by decision makers and in total 100 people attended the event. Several brands were also present such as H&M where their Global Head of Agency participated in one of the panel discussions.

A vast majority of businesses in Europe have not yet started to position their brand towards the Chinese whether outbound travellers or end-consumers in China. There is a big potential for international brands to market themselves to this important segment.

Based on this, Jonathan Kullman’s key-note speech focused on sharing insights from NBH’s expertise and experience regarding digital trends in China and branding of international brands targeting a Chinese audience.

“It is always a pleasure to be invited to share NBH’s expertise with brands and agencies that have an interest in the Chinese market. Our objective is to enable stakeholders and decision makers to get increased knowledge and better understanding of the unique Chinese digital landscape; and how brands can conduct activities at the different stages of the digital customer journey on platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Dianping and Alipay to help reach their business targets”, says Jonathan Kullman, NBH Co-founder & CEO.

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