NBH named brand marketing partner for KeaHotels

Jan 24, 2020 |

NBH has been appointed as the marketing agency for one of the largest hotel chains in Iceland: KeaHotels. NBH will provide China marketing services for KeaHotels.

KeaHotels operates eleven hotels (seven in Reykjavík, two in Akureyri, one by Lake Mývatn and one by Vík in Mýrdalur) and have a total of 900 rooms. The head office is in Akureyri and there are 300 employees across all eleven properties. KeaHotels have been recognized with the award by the Icelandic Credit Bureau as “The Strongest in Iceland” for outstanding business performance six years in a row from the year 2013 onwards.

KeaHotels are now bringing this business excellence towards the Chinese market and therefore investing in tailoring digital experience for Chines travellers when they are visiting Iceland.

“On behalf of KeaHotels, we at NBH will be responsible for optimizing the customer experience for the Chinese travellers when they are staying with KeaHotels. We are very excited to take this journey with KeaHotels and cannot wait to see the happy experiences from the Chinese travellers”, says Jonathan Kullman, NBH Co-founder and CEO.

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