NBH summarize successful domestic campaigns during International women’s day

Mar 14, 2022 |

In China, International Women’s Day (IWD) has in recent years gained more attention. This holiday has long been compared to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day but has lately been more about celebrating the progress of women in society and seeking even better opportunities. 

Compared with the past, the position of Chinese women has indeed gone through an extreme transformation. Women in China today are more independent and career-focused. 

So, how do you celebrate Women’s Day in China?

International Women’s Day is celebrated with half a day off from work. It is also common that companies give gifts to their female employees, perhaps chocolate and sweet baskets. 

How do brands celebrate IWD?

Some of the best-selling categories among female consumers around 8 March are personal care products, perfumes, and jewelry. Looking into the big eCommerce giants such as JD and Tmall has this holiday become more like another shopping festival in China.

Many people are though against doing this holiday into a shopping holiday. But those brands that campaign tastefully and with a good statement can get lots of positive attention. A statement such as women empowerment and the rise of the socio-economic status of Chinese women.

Two examples of successful domestic campaigns

One good example is the Chinese Beauty Brand Proya Cosmetic, which in 2021 campaigned with a video together with Women’s daily. This video has until today got a lot of attention. Women’s daily which is partly owned by the Chinese government shows another sign of women’s progress in China.

Another good example is the Chinese lifestyle brand Neiwai that February 2021, debuted with the slogan No Body is Nobody. They have since then built up a series of campaigns exploring the diversity of the women’s body. In addition, they also launched a podcast section with various topics about feminism. Their films and photos will also be exhibited in a gallery at the brand’s offline office in Shanghai.

As a domestic brand, Neiwai was one of the first to raise the feminism issue, and it has since then become increasingly popular in marketing by different domestic brands.

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A common trend that we can see through various campaigns and shopping festivals is that the customer demands more personal interaction with the brands. In order to build successful branding, clear messages and recognition are needed. Newai and Proya are two good examples to follow when it comes to brand strategy in China.

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