NBH visiting 56K talking Baidu SEM!

Nov 24, 2022 |

In October, our colleagues Richard Hårdänge and Moa-Karin Levin, visited the digital agency 56K to talk about Baidu SEM. Read more abut how we work with baidu SEM here.

56K is a Stockholm-based agency helping companies to increase their online presence by optimizing Google SEO, doing ads with Google SEM, and other paid media on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

What we do – 56K

It’s always fun to meet other companies in the “same” industry.

What we talked about

We went through the differences between Google and Baidu, concrete examples, trends, and what is important to consider when working with digital marketing at Baidu.

Thank you 56K for inviting us! We meet a welcoming office, a great team, interesting questions, and dialogues!

To get to know more about 56K, go visit their site!

Hope to see you soon again!

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