Promote Iceland partners with NBH to reach and enhance Chinese travelers’ experience

Sep 7, 2020 |

Visit Iceland is the official destination marketing office for Iceland and aims to attract travelers to Iceland. Chinese travelers have become increasingly important and in connection to, this Promote Iceland has teamed up with NBH to provide Chinese travelers with easily accessible information to Iceland.

“We have launched the two key social media platforms in China, WeChat and Weibo and have provided Chinese travelers with attractive information on each region in Iceland and inspiration on possible routes to take when in Iceland. We hope that the platform can be used by Chinese Travelers as an active guide during their full Iceland journey from planning, traveling, and returning home” says Daníel Oddsson, Project Manager of Promote Iceland.

“Iceland has received high increase of Chinese travelers prior COVID-19 and high search index in social listening since then and we are therefore happy to work together with Promote Iceland to provide Chinese travelers with official and updated information about Iceland. We are confident that when the world starts to open up again and Chinese travelers will start exploring Iceland, together with Promote Iceland we can provide an unforgettable journey to the Chinese travelers”, says Jonathan Kullman, CEO of NBH.

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