NBH Networking event: Thanks to everyone who came!

NBH Networking event: Thanks to everyone who came!

We would like to extend our gratitude to all attendees of the NBH Networking event held yesterday, which focused on China’s Digital Landscape. During the event, we discussed the most widely-used and popular digital platforms, current trends, e-commerce, and search engines.

About NBH Network

Through NBH’s network meetings, will we spread knowledge about China’s Digital Market. During different meetings, will we address different topics, where we from NBH present our knowledge and experiences regarding China’s digital landscape, but where we also invite other speakers who share their expertise.

Together, we want to create a network where companies and other stakeholders can open up to dialogue with their questions, problems, or opportunities that they have encountered when working with the digital establishment in China.

This is a unique opportunity to create knowledge about digital China, take your marketing to the next level, and learn from others how they target their approach towards China.

Stay tuned for upcoming Networking Event with NBH!