EVENT: Navigating B2B Digital Marketing in China – How to Reach Your Targeted Audience

EVENT: Navigating B2B Digital Marketing in China – How to Reach Your Targeted Audience

The digital landscape in China looks entirely different for B2B compared to other markets. Moreover, the pandemic has brought about significant changes, accelerating the digital transformation within the B2B sector in China in recent years. This has created new demands for knowledge regarding the right marketing channels to effectively communicate with potential Chinese customers.

The sales process has become more digital, providing increased opportunities to discover new customers in China through digital platforms. Consequently, the importance of visibility and controlling how a company presents itself, its products, and services has grown while also becoming more challenging. All digital efforts need to be tailored specifically for China.

Would you like to learn more about China’s new digital landscape and the opportunities for your company to enhance its visibility?

In collaboration with Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren, would we like to welcome the autumn with inviting you to an inspiring seminar, diving deeper into digital China.

In this seminar, NBH will provide an overview of the digital landscape in China and how businesses can utilize digital channels to create business opportunities. Additionally, we will hear from a company sharing its experiences and strategies for increasing visibility. More info to come 😉

During the seminar, we will focus on the following:

  • WeChat: How can companies attract thousands of relevant followers from their industry?
  • Website: How can you make your company’s website fast and visible to your Chinese target audience?
  • Baidu SEM: How can companies leverage China’s largest search engine to create business opportunities?
  • Industry Articles (PR): How can companies get dozens bransch media within their industry to feature their business?


  • Jonathan Kullman, Founder and CEO of NBH. With 8 years of experience in China, including 6 years based in Shanghai, Jonathan is highly experienced in assisting companies with using digital channels to enhance their presence and business in China.
  • Richard Hårdänge, CCO of NBH. With over 10 years of experience, both commercially and culturally, working with China, Richard is fluent in Chinese and has spent five years in Dalian, Northeast China.

When: 26 September 2023

Where: Handelskammaren, Växjö

How to attend?

Find more information and how to register for the event, here.

Who are We?

NBH is the leading digital agency in the Nordic region, supporting companies with web, social media, campaigns, and lead generation in China.

Feel free to share this invitation with interested colleagues; it applies to everyone in the company.

You are warmly welcome to join us!

Digital Marketing for B2B in China: NBH summerize our seminar tour in collab with SCTC!

Digital Marketing for B2B in China: NBH summerize our seminar tour in collab with SCTC!

NBH kick-started 2023 with a mini seminar tour! Starting in Stockholm 16 January, Gothenburg 9 February and finally in Malmö on 3 March!

We did these seminars together with the Sweden-China Trade Council, and we want to give a real shout-out to Elisabeth Söderström, secretary general at SCTC, for such a fine collaboration!

NBH CEO Jonathan Kullman and CCO Richard Hårdhänge talked about digital marketing in China, what opportunities exist and the rapid development that is taking place. We focused above all on B2B in China, where digital communication has come to play a greater role.

To read more about the seminar program, click here.

In Stockholm, were we lucky to have Chris Engström from Eletta Flow as our guest-speaker. Chris shared his experiences from working with China pre-covid and how digitalization has opened up opportunities in reaching China.

In February, Port of Gothenburg welcome us to hold the seminar located at their office-space, and Jacob Minnhagen started the day by talking about his experiences working with China.

Last but not least, we finished in Malmö at the Syd / Svenska Handelskammaren where Mariette Gunnarsson welcomed us.

It was exciting to finally get out and meet people from the industry, with the same interest as us for China. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to everyone who contributed with interesting questions and dialogues!

See you soon again!

Seminar in Malmö. Location at Syd / Svenska Handelskammaren.
Stockholm seminar 16 January 2023.
Malmö seminar: Digital Marketing for B2B in China

Malmö seminar: Digital Marketing for B2B in China

NBH mini-tour together with Sweden China Trade Council continues! After two successful meetings in Stockholm and Gothenburg, do we continue with a last stop (for this time 😉 ) in Malmö.

Come join us for a breakfast and learn more about how you as a B2B company can increase precense with Digital Marketing in China.

Our marketing experts, CEO Jonathan Kullman and CCO Richard Hårdänge will be there to share their knowledge and experience of digital marketing in China.

B2B is undergoing a transformation in its sales process where the digital marketing strategy has become increasingly important. During this event will you learn more about Chinas Digital Landscape and how you as a B2B company can adapt your marketing strategy for China. You will also have the chance to meet other participants that is also working with China.

The event in Malmö is also a collaboration with Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren where the meeting also will be held.

These are some of the topics for the seminar:

  • WeChat

How to increase the number of followers from your industry on WeChat?

  • Chinese Website

Why is a CN website so important?

  • Chinas search engine Baidu

How do you create business opportunities via China’s largest search engine Baidu?

  • Industry Media

How do you reach industry media via PR?

After the seminar, you also have the opportunity of a free 15-minute consultation. In that case, email [email protected] and register your interest with the subject line “Digital marketing – Malmö”.

The event will take place:

Malmö: Friday, 3 March 2023, 09.00 – 11.00 CET

How to register?

Click here for more information and registration.