Tencent starts to target private domains’ traffic

Nov 30, 2020 |

For the first time ever, Tencent mentioned private domain’s traffic in their financial releases. As written in the 2020 Second Quarter and Interim Results “Weixin (WeChat in Chinese) ecosystem is redefining China’s online advertising by enabling advertisers to sustain relationships with their users in their own domains, such as Official Accounts and Mini Programs”. The aim is of course to build up long-term and loyal customer relationships instead of purchasing one-time transactions.

Starting this year, particularly after the pandemic, many brands have been investing in private domains and achieved notable results.  For example, Watsons started to build on its private domain on Tencent’s ecosystem since last year and its Corporate WeChat account has built connections with more than three million customers. During the Women’s Day promotion in 2020, Watsons achieved gross merchandise volume of 10 million+.

To help brands building up and leveraging their private domains, Tencent has taken several initiatives. In this article, we will guide your through some of the initiatives.

Live-Streaming on Mini Programs

Live-streaming is not a new concept to marketers, however, live-steaming on mini programs is certainly something new. With some back-end development, a brand can conduct live-streaming and product sales activities. Not only could a customer add a product to the shopping cart, but also can a brand send out coupons and such.

ZShare Account

Tencent recently launched a platform ZShare, where brands can join force with distributors to start live-steaming activities. This solve the challenges that brands could lack of traffic while distributors could lack of content. This would enable a brand to engage with customers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Starting from getting KOL/KOC to influence the customers and generating interests in the products, get customers to consider the products, and encourage the customer to take actions.

ZShare can also leverage on Tencent’s powerful matrix to help a brand to target the right customers with the right content. By applying AI into the ZShare, different content would be pushed to different customers based on their portraits. For example, through ZShare, Watsons managed to increase the opening rate of its WeChat public account 30% more. A brand does not need to consider which content and product could be interesting to a customer. A brand only needs to create different content and place different products in the pool, and ZShare will help to decide which content/product goes to which customer.

Tencent has many functions to benefit a brand for the growth, as a trusted partner of Tencent in the Nordics, NBH is here to help brands to unleash their potential in the Chinese market through utilizing different Tencent’s marketing functions.

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