China’s Cultural Traditions: How to celebrate the Qingming Festival?

Apr 12, 2022 |

Today, the 5th of April, we want to draw attention to one of China’s traditional holidays, the Qingming festival! 🌞

Due to covid, the celebration might look a bit different this year. But still, we would like to give a shoutout to this beautiful holiday and give you a short lesson about the Qingming Festival.

Qingming Festival is a three-day public holiday, usually between the 3th-5th of April.

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What is the Qingming Festival?

Qingming Festival, or Ching Ming Festival, can in English be mentioned as “Pure Brightness Festival” or “Tomb-Sweeping Day”.

The meaning of Qingming in short term is that days are getting warmer, and brighter and nature turns green.

Why and how is it celebrated?

The Qingming festival is marked by ceremonies to honor the ancestors. All around China there are people visiting their ancestors’ graves. Gifts can be offered such as flowers and fruit, burning incense and fake money can also be common. Tombs are usually swept around the graves, or outside, therefore the name “Tomb-Sweeping Day”

During the festival is it also common to see kites flying 🪁 (to bring fortune) and people spending time outside to welcome and enjoy the spring. ☀️🌸

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Happy Qingming Festival! 清明节快乐!

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