Event: Build your brand and get digital leads in China

4 月 12, 2024 |

Many companies have a great commercial interest in building their brand in China and attracting more leads for sales to grow and strengthen their position.

China has always been complex, but since the pandemic began, entirely new demands have been placed on B2B companies in China when it comes to the digital sphere.

To learn more about China’s digital landscape and the opportunities for companies to improve, NBH have been invited by Sweden China Trade Council and South Swedish Chamber of Commerce, to share insights and hands-on cases in a event in Malmö on April 24, 2024.

How can B2B companies generate more digital leads in China?

  • Platforms & strategies

Video in China – Great opportunities

  • Exploring alternatives & hidden potential

Press & Media in China – A different focus than in Europe

One thing most people can notice is that the sales process in China has become more digital, and the opportunities to find new customers through digital platforms have increased.

The importance of visibility and controlling how one presents their company, as well as their products & services, has also become more difficult as everything digital needs to be done in China, for China. There, we provide you with the insights needed to stay updated for China in 2024-25.


  • Jonathan Kullman, Founder and CEO of NBH. With 8 years of experience in China, including 6 years based in Shanghai, Jonathan is highly experienced in assisting companies with using digital channels to enhance their presence and business in China.
  • Richard Hårdänge, CCO of NBH. With over 10 years of experience, both commercially and culturally, working with China, Richard is fluent in Chinese and has spent five years in Dalian, Northeast China.

Find more information and how to register for the event, here.


预约 NBHs 专家的免费咨询,评估贵公司迈向中国数字市场的正确道路。



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