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With our expertise in Chinese online consumer behavior, we help to position global brands on the Chinese digital market. We enable brands to become top of mind in their specific industry and specified target audience.

All activities are done to support brands reaching their goals and deliver measurable business objectives through digital marketing in China.

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Why is it important to reach the Chinese market online?

China has created its own unique digital landscape that differs from the rest of the world. Platforms commonly used for digital marketing, such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter simply don’t work in China.

With its unique digital landscape, China has come to be at the forefront of digital marketing and is used by 1020 million active internet users.

Internet users

Monthly active users on China's main search engine Baidu

Users on China's nr 1 social media platform WeChat (globally)

What do you get with building up your online presence in China?


Take ownership of your brand online in China. Ensure you have a professional online presence aligned with your brand guidelines. Avoid that your brands story is being told by 3rd parties such as resellers or distributors.

Increase Sales

Having a tailored marketing strategy for China will enable you to gain more business, both from existing customers as well generating leads to new customers.

Big Data

By doing digital marketing in China, you will get data that enables your brand to better understand your target audience. Use the data to optimize your online presence and follow the consumer behavior of your target audience in China.

User Experience

Ensure a state-of-the-art end-users experience of your brand, covering all official online touch points of your brand adapted to fit the consumer behavior of Chinese end-users.

Localized Content

Tailored made content in Chinese adapted to target your audience. Create content in Chinese for the Chinese market, do not communicate your story in English in China.

Business Growth

With marketing in China, your brand will become positioned on the Chinese market which enables your brand to further develop and grow business.

What makes NBH unique?

NBH is your dedicated marketing team in China. With our team of marketeers both in China and Europe we offer brands the possibility to have a marketing department in China through us.

Our experts consist of native Chinese professionals that have experience from working for Global brands in Europe and China. As well Europeans that have experience from working and living in China.

This combination enables us to be a bridge and link of brands to the Chinese market and make China feel closer to the brands HQ.

Top China digital marketing agency in Northern Europe
+8 years professional experience
Team and office in China and Europe
Gatekeepers of European brands towards China
Digital savvy and professional marketeers

Read a few of our cases


We helped Kvaser set up a marketing strategy as well as optimizing their Chinsese website and WeChat prescence.

Tailor-made marketing strategy for China
Optimized Baidu account
Optimized WeChat account

Swedish Wood

Lift brand and increase brand awareness as well as promote the importance of sustainability and Sweden’s leading position in the industry

+380 % Weibo followers
+1 million WeChat ad impressions
+480.000 PR Expostures


Laiba needed help managing their social media channels and implementation of a content plan, including copywriting and design of posts.

We assisted with creation, execution and reporting of campaigns on social media as well as cooperation with KOLs.

+9 % WeChat followers
+237 % Little Red Book followers
13 million impressions of brand in CNY campaign


We helped Kollmorgen optimize their search engine strategy with SEO and SEM.

+110 leads generated
-20 %  cost per click reduced

A word from our CEO

Our goal is to be the top-of mind marketing agency for companies looking to grow their business in China.

China’s digital communication channels are unique from the rest of the world. The differences in culture and language makes it difficult for international businesses to promote their brands on the Chinese market.

NBH’s mission is to close this gap. Our marketing experts knows both western and Chinese culture. A strong brand presence is built through strategies and content adapted to the targeted audience.

Are you interested to reach your full potential? Feel free to contact us, and let NBH be your marketing team in China!

jonathan kullman nbh ceo

Jonathan Kullman, CEO


NBH is a digital agency capturing the Chinese customers. China’s digital communication channels are unique from the rest of the world, our marketing experts, create and build strong presences and campaigns that inspire action and deliver measurable business results.

NBH is based in Shanghai, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Reykjavik, and are official trusted partner of Tencent, Douyin, Alipay and Ctrip.

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