NBH works with the most important social media platforms in China. We have the expertise you need, both within B2B and B2C, to position your brand on the right social media platforms in China.

Let NBH help you adapt to a unique digital landscape

China has its own unique digital ecosystem that differs from the rest of the world. To reach the China market, it’s important to understand their digital landscape, know the latest trends and align your brand to your China audience.  

In China people don’t use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, etc. You may have heard of WeChat, Chinas largest digital platform, but China also has a great variety of different social media platforms.  

Our concept is to make Chinese digital marketing inspiring and simple. You know your brand the best and we make sure you reach your targeted audience in China.  

social media in china on mobile

Set up your Chinese social media with NBH..

Social media strategy

NBH tailor your China strategy to your social media platforms.


Verify and register your account

We setup your social media account, covering everything from registration to legal parts as well Chinese copywriting, design and layout of content.

Content plan

NBH create a tailored made content plan for your Chinese social media platforms, with specific content to engage with your target audience in China.

Account management

We operate all social media accounts with daily management, covering everything from Chinese copywriting to layout and design. We post and align your content to your brand and your Chinese market.

KOL/ influencer marketing

With our existing network and pool of KOC/KOL in China we manage all your influencer marketing activities in China.

Campaigns and ads

We manage media buy from creative idea to execution and allocation on social media for your brand.

Social media platforms in china    

Learn more about Chinas most important Social Media platforms and get inspired for your digital marketing in China.

wechat marketing


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wechat mini program

WeChat Mini Program

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little red book

Little Red Book

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weibo social media


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tiktok marketing

Douyin (TikTok)

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bilibili marketing


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zhihu marketing


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dianping marketing


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