Content management for your digital marketing in China

NBH positions your brand according to the preferences of the Chinese customers. With your guidance; NBH creates the voice towards the Chinese consumer. We develop your communication plan, from copywriting to graphic design and daily interactions. 

We manage your marketing content in China

We are experts on China´s digital landscape and create content based on your identity.   

Whether it is optimizing your CN website, WeChat, Little Red Book, TikTok, Weibo, Bilibili or Dianping – we create maximum impact and identify the most suitable content for each platform.

Let NBH help you manage your content for…

Social Media

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Chinese Website

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Industry Media (PR)

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Search Engine

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Chinese Social media

China’s digital landscape can be tricky. Where to start, where to be and what is possible? NBH, with its expertise and several years of experience working with companies from different industries, adapts your brand to the market. We recommend and guide you to the platforms you should (or must) use in order to create brand awareness.  

NBH create content based on China’s preferences, new trends and integrate with your followers while we make sure to permeate your brand in your digital marketing!

Get an overview of social media in China here.

embassy of sweden content management

CASE: Embassy of Sweden in Beijing

Management of social media channels and implementation of content plan including copywriting and design of posts.

Chinese website

Chinese users prefer using the Chinese language when using search engines, even though they search for international topics. The use of Chinese language will gain the trust of your customers and clients.

Boost your digital presence and reach your audience through your China-hosted website

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NBH help you get better rank on Baidu, “Chinas answer to Google”, by creating a Chinese domain for your website, either .cn or Baidu ranks the Chinese domains higher in the search result than the global domains.

For even better using experience, NBH recommend hosting your website in China. By hosting your website in China, you make sure that your website will keep a fast-loading speed.

To get your website hosted in China, you need a domain and an ICP license (internet content provider).

NBH can help you optimize your search ranking and create a better using experience by finding you on Baidu and scroll around through your website!

Kolmeks China Site

CASE: Kolmeks

NBH created a chinese website, optimized it for speed and SEO on Baidu.

INDUSTRY MEDIA (PR) management in China

We act as your PR department in China through our well-established connections with KOLs, media, and magazines. By closely monitor how your brand is being talked about NBH can provide you with relevant tactics and plans.  

PR articles are a cost-effective way to be seen on several different media and appear in search results on Baidu and Sogou search engine.  

Your article can be shared with followers, but also taken up by other media who choose to write about you as well. PR articles will stay online and be available for your target audience to find when searching online in China.

Read more about how NBH works with PR in China.

Kolmeks China Site

CASE: Anthon Berg

NBH increased brand awareness in China and created content that will improve results on Baidu search engine.

Search Engine

The content on your channels plays a vital part to get a high ranking on Chinas number one search engine Baidu (Chinas answer to Google). 

NBH expertise tailors your content, keeps it alive, up to date, and constantly shifting. We also guide you through the external websites that can be useful for optimizing your SEO.  

NBH have several years of experience, creating campaigns and ads for Baidu SEM, so that your company reaches your targeted audience while we make sure that your branding is aligned with your company value! 

Let NBH help your company gain visibility and credibility by using Baidu SEM and optimizing your Baidu SEO!

Find out more about how NBH can boost your search ranking here! 

kolmorgen mobile content

CASE: Kollmorgen

NBH used SEM to increase leads to Kolmorgen’s sales team as well as optimized their SEM account on Baidu.

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