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By hosting your website in China, translating your content, optimizing your SEO and doing SEM we can make sure that you get the top search result on China’s number one search engine Baidu.  

NBH has years of experience optimizing companies SEO but also creating ads (SEM) so that companies can be easily recognized, creating relationships and direct leads.

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Baidu No.1 Search Engine in China 

If China is an important market for you, then Baidu should be as prioritized as your Google strategy.  

Baidu can easily be described as “China’s Google”, and if you take a quick look, there are many similarities, partly in appearance, but in terms of search engine, SEO and SEM there are a lot of differences.   

In China, whenever you want to search for something you “Baidu” it, and to get the top search result, and to be seen in China, Baidu is fundamental.

NBH can help you with your Baidu strategy, making sure your website gets on the top search result including Baidu SEO and Baidu SEM.  We make sure that your website can be seen at Chinas number one search engine, reaching your targeted audience! 


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