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In China, WeChat is the foundation of digital presence regardless of industry.

NBH has extensive experience helping companies to create brand awareness and direct leads.

Use WeChat to maximize your visibility, and create credibility and growth!

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WeChat - No.1 Social Media platform in China

WeChat is the backbone for every company establishing presence in China. The platform is fundamental for your business in China, both for B2C and B2B. 

The app can handle any daily task and it is the main app for social media and communication in China.

WeChat has gone from a micro-messaging app to a Mega-App that, in simple terms, can handle almost anything. With its various function, you can do anything from networking, set up your company account, payment, to use WeChat as an e-com sales channel.  

WeChat is the go-to platform for brands to conduct one-way communication, establish brand positioning, and increase brand loyalty.  

WeChat has succeeded in creating a unique ecosystem and in many ways redefined the concept of an app. With its huge spread and popularity, it is a must for anyone who wants to do business or market themselves in China.  

Key facts

  • 1,2+ billion daily active users 
  • Daily users spend in average 77 minutes per day 

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