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If you have understood the booming trend of TikTok, you can think of China’s TikTok as bigger!

Douyin in China is an ultimate digital marketing platform for all types of industries. The video platform creates good opportunities to increase brand awareness and direct leads.

Think outside the box! Let NBH help you stand out by using Douyin to increase your online presence in China!

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Douyin – The mother app of Tiktok!

If we say Douyin it might not tell you much, but if we say TikTok we hope you are on it! 

Although TikTok is the western version of Douyin, there are a some big differences. In the west, TikTok is mainly an app for young adults and teens but China, Douyin is used among all ages and all types of persons. 

The first and most obvious reason to include Douyin in your marketing plan is that no other app can get as large visibility in such a short time frame as Douyin. 

douyin/tiktok example

Compared to western TikTok, Douyin also has its own e-commerce ecosystem where its user can make purchases directly in the app.  

There are many advantages with a business account on Douyin, among other things, the possibility to make longer videos, get access to advertising, sticker-adds, and more visibility through the algorithms.  

In addition to creating brand awareness, Douyin is also a strong platform to work with if your objective is to generate traffic on a specific e-com sales channel such as Tmall.

Key facts

  • 700+ million daily active users  
  • 120 minutes daily avarage time spend on Douyin  

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