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Little Red Book

Little Red Book, LRB, is China’s largest social shopping platform and one of the most important platforms for B2C brands.   

NBH has many good customer examples established at LRB. With our professional knowledge in digital marketing and large KOL (influencer) network, we can help you stand out among your competitors in China!   

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Little Red Book - The largest social shopping platform in China

Little Red Book (LRB), also known as Xiaohongshu 小红书 and RED is China’s largest social shopping platform. It is China’s go-to platform to share product reviews, beauty tips, daily outfits, lifestyle photos and eCommerce.  

LRB is the Chinese equivalent of Instagram and Pinterest together, it is one of the hottest social media platforms in China, an important platform for B2C brands to be present. 

Little Red Book is simply a “must have” have platform for B2C brands.  

little red book social media china

If you are a consumer brand targeting Chinese consumers, having an official account on Little Red Book is crucial, it will enable you to engage with your specific target audience and grow your follower base online in China. 

Little Red Book has also the unique opportunity to connect your global website for direct online shopping.  

NBH create your account, manage your daily content with everything from images, videos and copy writing.  

Get a kick-start and wider expose at LRB with KOL marketing (influencer marketing). We have a wide network for KOLs and KOCs. In this way, your business create trust and increases your brand engagement in China.

Key facts

  • 300+ million registered users  
  • 100+ million monthly active users

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