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NBH has extensive experience in creating digital presence both for B2B and B2C brands in various industries on Weibo!  

Weibo can easily be described as a mix of Facebook and Twitter, and to reach their loyal followers it is important to create both creative and informative content!  

Build brand awareness, reach your customer but also optimize your SEO with the help of Weibo! 

weibo social media
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Weibo - Increase brand awareness by using Weibo

Weibo is social networking and microblog platform and can easily be described as a mix of Facebook and Twitter.  

Weibo is one of the biggest user relationship-based platforms in China. It is a great platform to interact with its users and create new followers. Weibo has a lot of loyal users and as a company having an account on Weibo it is important to do regular updates, being informative, and sharing fun, inspiring content.  

Communicate your story and increase your SEO.

weibo social media

Weibo is not only a great tool for digital marketing, but it also increases your SEO. This makes it a good platform to include in the mix of platforms to activate and use as official channel to communicate your story.  

Weibo is one of the first large social media platform in China, and NBH has great experience in how to reach your targeted audience on Weibo. 

Key facts

  • 573 million monthly active users 
  • 249 million daily active users 

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