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NBH helps you grow digitally, not only by creating a presence on specific platforms but also by spreading your message. Creating exposure on relevant industry media is an effective way to create visibility, credibility, get other media to pick you up and improve your SEO!

We are your full service agency in China – Create exposure on industry media with us in China

At NBH, we offer comprehensive media management services in China, serving as your dedicated media department. Leveraging our extensive network of key opinion leaders (KOLs), media outlets, and magazines, we ensure your brand receives the attention it deserves.

Our team monitors and analyzes the conversations surrounding your brand, enabling us to develop relevant tactics and strategic plans to enhance your reputation and visibility.

Industry media is a cost-effective way to provide excellent exposure across various media platforms and improve your search engine visibility on popular Chinese search engines like Baidu and Sogou.

When we publish industry media articles about your brand, they have the potential to be shared with your followers, increasing your reach. Additionally, other media outlets may choose to feature your articles, further amplifying your brand’s presence. These articles remain accessible online, ensuring your target audience can easily discover them when conducting online searches in China.

industry media pr case
industry media pr case

Build Trust and Credibility

Media article efforts can help establish trust and credibility among Chinese consumers and stakeholders. Through media coverage, press releases, and strategic messaging, industry media articles can enhance a company’s reputation, brand image, and perceived reliability.


Create Brand Awareness

Media activities enable businesses to increase their visibility and raise awareness of their products or services in the Chinese market. Through media placements, interviews, and press conferences, Industry media articles can help generate positive media coverage, reaching a wide audience and boosting brand recognition. This increased visibility can translate into more business opportunities and customer engagement.


Influence Public Opinion

KOL:s have a much stronger role both within B2B and B2C in China than in the West where we perhaps mostly relate influencers to B2C collaborations. Collab with a KOL in your field can add value to your targeted customer. The important thing is just to find the one that suits your industry the best.


Cultural Value

Media professionals with China expertise provide insights into cultural nuances, adapt messaging for the target audience, and ensure compliance with local regulations. This cultural intelligence enhances marketing and communication efforts, fostering better business growth opportunities.

We act as your dedicated media agency for China

Theme and Direction

We specialize in creating compelling themes and directions for industry media articles that align with your brand’s objectives and resonate with the target audience.

Chinese Copywriting

Our skilled copywriters are proficient in crafting engaging articles in Chinese, ensuring effective communication and capturing the attention of readers.

Media Outreach

We establish connections with relevant media outlets and introduce your company to facilitate the publication of your industry media articles. Our extensive network enables us to maximize your media coverage and reach.

Collaboration with Opinion Leaders and KOLs

We collaborate with influential opinion leaders and key opinion leaders (KOLs) to amplify the impact of your media campaigns. Leveraging their reach and influence, we help enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Our media services include comprehensive data analysis and reporting, providing valuable insights into the performance and impact of your media campaigns. These insights guide future strategies and ensure continuous improvement.

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