With its origin in animation and gaming, Bilibili has become a video platform with wide range of categories, and has become the platform where creativity sets no limit!

Bilibili is the platform for both B2B and B2C marketing! Stay ahead, and let NBH create your content and digital presence for Bilibilii!

bilibili social media
The Logo of Bilibili

Bilibili - The social media platform where creativity has no limits

Bilibili is the go-to platform for the younger Chinese audience. The platform has gone from an “Animation, Comics and Games” content platform and grown into a wider online video community. Nowadays the content is ranging from anime, music, games, movies, to fashion, lifestyle, science, and technology, etc.  

The platform has a wide range of user experts in special fields and tend to be the go-to platform to get informational knowledge both for interest and educational purposes. 

Bilibili is a relevant platform for both B2C and B2B companies.

bilibili social media

With its possibility to gain a lot of reach, companies can engage with its specific target audience. Such as when B2C within cosmetic want to target female users, or B2B companies selling industrial components targeting engineers.  

Increase your brand awareness and build up your reputation online in China by using Bilibili! 

Key facts

  • 200+ million monthly active users  
  • 80 minutes per day – Average time spent on Bilibili  

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