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WeChat mini program

WeChat Mini Program is one of many reasons why WeChat is often referred to as the “super app”.  

With WeChat Mini Program, your communication possibilities are extended within the same eco-system of WeChat.   

Stay on top and stand out from your competitors with WeChat Mini Program! NBH has the expertise you need, both for B2B and B2C! 

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Differentiate yourself by using WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini-Program can be described as an app within the app function that does not require for you as a user to download or save anything on your own hardware. 

With more than 1 million Mini-Programs, the possibility as a user is endless.  

For B2C companies developing a Mini-Program can be done to offer a tailored made e-commerce experience for its target audience.  


For B2B companies it can be used as a product catalogue giving its end-user a modern and optimized user experience.  

Mini-Program can also be used as a CRM system for sales team with integration to the company’s global CRM system. Enabling the sales team in China to work with WeChat and Global HQ to get real-time updated on the progress in the sales pipe.  

NBH has the expertise in creating and managing Mini-Programs both within B2C and B2B. WeChat Mini-Programs open the possibilities for you to reach your targeted audience. 

Key facts

  • Over 200 different categories  
  • 854 million monthly active users 

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