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Launching The NBH Complete Guide To WeChat Mini Program
News | Apr 2022

If you haven’t missed NBH regularly create complete guides of different Chinese digital platforms, in order for you to dig deeper into China’s digital landscape, and perhaps platforms you want to know more about!

This month did NBH launch their Complete 16-page Guide to WeChat Mini program!

What is WeChat Mini Program?

WeChat has changed the paradigm shift of mobile use by adding their “sub-application” – WeChat Mini Program (MP).

WeChat Mini Program can be described as an app within the app function that does not require you as a user to download or save anything on your own hardware.

In this 16 page paper, NBH will dig deeper into:

  • Why WeChat Mini Program
  • How is it structured
  • How to use it?
  • How you can benefit from WeChat Mini Program

To get full access, click on the picture below.

Please also visit our “Guide” page to learn more about China’s different digital platforms.

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