Event Oslo: The Chinese Digital Landscape

Jan 20, 2024 |
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The digital landscape in China differs significantly for B2B compared to other markets.

Moreover, the pandemic has brought about substantial changes, accelerating the digital transformation within B2B in China over recent years. As a result, this now demands a fresh understanding of the right marketing channels for communicating with potential Chinese customers.

During the seminar, we will focus on the following:

  • WeChat: How can companies gain thousands of relevant followers from their own industry?
  • Website: How can you optimize your company’s website for speed and visibility to your Chinese target audience?
  • Baidu SEM: How can businesses create business opportunities through China’s largest search engine?
  • Industry Articles (PR): How can companies get dozens of Chinese media outlets within their industry to cover their company?
  • Chinese Digi-tech Politics: Steering growth, spurring innovation, and more.


  • Jonathan Kullman, Founder and CEO of NBH. With 8 years of experience in China, including 6 years based in Shanghai, Jonathan is highly experienced in assisting companies with using digital channels to enhance their presence and business in China.
  • Richard Hårdänge, CCO of NBH. With over 10 years of experience, both commercially and culturally, working with China, Richard is fluent in Chinese and has spent five years in Dalian, Northeast China.

When: 8 February 2024

Where: Oslo, Norway

How to attend?

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