Promote Iceland expands its partnership with NBH for Invest in Iceland

Nov 20, 2020 |

To assist Invest in Iceland’s endeavor on fostering cross-border business opportunities between Iceland and China, NBH was appointed by Promote Iceland as the lead agency for all digital communication related to Iceland as a destination towards Chinese travelers. The scope has now been expanded to boost business opportunities for Icelandic companies for exports and foreign direct investment.

Promote Iceland is a forum for marketing and promoting Icelanders and Icelandic businesses abroad. Their key objectives are to strengthen Iceland’s reputation and image abroad, creating interest in the country as a destination and increasing demand for what is Icelandic. China represents an excellent opportunity to further promote Icelandic businesses, especially considering the Free Trade Agreement between Iceland and China. Through the partnership between Promote Iceland and NBH, this will enhance branding consistency and promotion of Iceland as a unique place to do business.

Promote Iceland facilitates collaboration between Icelandic and Chinese businesses. For export and trade, Promote Iceland offers various marketing and trade promotional services including organization of trade fairs and business delegations, in-depth consulting, training programs and general market information. From an investment perspective, Promote Iceland offers great insight and solutions for Chinese investors who are looking into setting up a new business in Iceland or expand an existing one.  

“We are very satisfied with our cooperation and trust with NBH thus far. We are now expanding our cooperation with them to our trade and investment business, which will ensure consistency of communication to the Chinese market” says, Daníel Oddsson, Project Manager of Promote Iceland.    

 “We are very happy that Promote Iceland has expanded the scope and thereby provide marketing services for both the tourism and trade side for the Chinese market.  We like to work closely with our customers and see ourselves as an extension of their marketing department. We believe this gives optimal results” says, Jonathan Kullman, CEO of NBH

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