NBH attend at Sweden-China Trade Council’s Conference day: Navigating China

Sep 21, 2023 |

Navigating China – a full day conference on doing business with a constantly developing Market

To meet the growing demand for information, knowledge sharing, and networking in the Chinese business landscape, the Sweden-China Trade Council invited to ‘Navigating China,’ a full-day conference scheduled for September 21, 2023, in Stockholm.

This event was designed to address crucial aspects of China trade, catering to the needs of both SMEs and large Swedish corporations, ensuring an insightful exploration of current trade dynamics with China.

Our CEO, Jonathan Kullman, CCO and partner, Richard Hårdänge, and Client Director, Johanna Atterby, attended the event as representatives of NBH. It was a packed day with numerous insightful presentations and networking opportunities.

Thank you to all the speakers, all the meetings, and, most importantly, to the Sweden-China Trade Council for hosting this day! Read more about this event and the full schedule here.

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