Meet Faya Peng: A Multifaceted Global Business Professional!

Faya is native Chinese and brings a wealth of international experience, having worked in project management and marketing across China, Japan, and Europe. She has a stellar background from Stockholm University and London Business School, she’s a true global professional.

Faya has great knowledge of Digital Marketing and cultivated expertise in SEO, SEM, and social media.

With a decade of professional experience, Faya’s path has spanned diverse continents and business landscapes, where she made significant contributions as a project manager and marketing specialist. Her multicultural endeavors span China, Japan, and Europe, shaping her into a global business powerhouse.

Beyond her professional prowess, Faya’s core values of exploration, cultural appreciation, and family are the driving forces behind her success. Her educational foundation, combined with a wealth of experience and an unwavering global perspective, make Faya Peng a well-rounded business graduate poised for excellence.

Faya Peng started with us at NBH in 2023 as our Client Success Manager, based in Stockholm, and we are so happy that she has joined us!

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