Follow NBH into the “Mid-Autumn”, with a trip to the Moon (cake) and back!

Follow NBH into the “Mid-Autumn”, with a trip to the Moon (cake) and back!

The Mid-Autumn Festival also known as the Mooncake Festival, is one of the most important traditional Chinese festivals. It falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, usually in September or early October. This festival holds deep cultural and historical significance in China and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Chinese communities all around the world.

This year, the Year of the Rabbit, is even more special as China’s National Day (october 1st) and national holiday coincide with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Yes, you heard it right, China is gearing up for a dazzling celebration and a wonderful holiday! 2023 Mid-Autumn Day & China National Day holiday also known as the Golden Week will last from Sep.29 – Oct.6. 

And as usual NBH brings you a brief overview to the festival and what stands out in the special year of 2023!

One of many legends

The origins of the Mooncake Festival are deeply rooted in Chinese mythology and folklore. One of the most famous legends associated with this festival is the story of Chang’e, the Moon Goddess. According to legend, Chang’e consumed the elixir of immortality and, as a result, was banished to live on the moon. People believe that on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, the moon shines its brightest and clearest, and Chang’e can be seen the most clearly from Earth.

Traditionally, the festival is a time for family reunions, much like Thanksgiving in the United States or Christmas in Europe. Families gather to appreciate the full moon and celebrate the abundance of the harvest season. The round shape of mooncakes, a traditional delicacy eaten during this festival, symbolizes completeness and unity within the family.

Some cultural elements


Mooncakes are a central feature of the Mooncake Festival. These pastry-like cakes come in various flavors and fillings, such as lotus seed paste, red bean paste, and sometimes even salted egg yolks to represent the moon. Mooncakes often have intricate designs on their outer crust, showcasing traditional Chinese symbols and characters. Gifting mooncakes to family, friends, and business associates is a common practice during the festival, signifying well-wishing and gratitude.

Lanterns and Moon Gazing

Another cherished tradition of the festival is carrying colorful lanterns and strolling outdoors under the full moon. Children, in particular, enjoy parading with their lanterns, which come in various shapes and sizes. In parks and open spaces, people gather to admire the moon, share mooncakes, and participate in various cultural activities, including traditional dances and performances.

Dragon and Lion Dances

Dragon and lion dances are also performed during the Mooncake Festival. These lively and vibrant dances involve dancers wearing elaborate costumes, often resembling dragons or lions, and mimic the movements of these mythical creatures. These performances are believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.

Modern Celebrations

In contemporary times, the Mooncake Festival has evolved, incorporating modern elements such as lantern exhibitions, musical performances, and even mooncake-making competitions.  

So, how do brands and companies use the festival in their marketing?

Mooncakes and festive decorations start appearing in store windows weeks before the festival! The mooncake has truly become an iconic symbol of this holiday, and brands are vying to create the most innovative mooncake gift boxes.

In 2022, NBH delved into how international brands have chosen to promote their mooncakes, read last years mooncake insight here. Get inspired how brand choose to target their mooncake marketing.

When we explore social media and eCommerce platforms, our feeds are filled with images of gift boxes, mooncake tutorials, photos, and mooncake hauls, and the year of 2023 is no exaption.

NBH presents our favorites for 2023:

Gucci, as usual, has put thought into it and presents an elegant collection ahead of this year’s festival. Style overrules tradition, they say, so why not combine?

Picture taken from the lifestyle social media platform Little Red Book.

Cartier elegantly incorporates cultural elements, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture and featuring a tiger under the moonlight.

Picture taken from Little Red Book.

…and for the children! Cute retro mooncake boxes, perhaps this may be a future collector’s item from Disney.

Image: Little Red Book.

Finally, we reveal our own unique approach. NBH embraces the fascination with outdoor and leisure activities. Table tennis feels like an obvious choice, especially as Sweden, for the first time in many years, has the chance to compete with the world’s foremost table tennis nation! We’ll see how it turns out!

NBH Mid-Autumn giftbox for 2023.

The Mid-Autumn Festival provides an excellent chance to establish connections with your followers, clients, and customers. Mooncake gifting offers limitless opportunities for creativity and serves as a narrative for your brand. If not a mooncake giftbox, posting and send a greeting card for the holiday is always appreciated.

How does your brand align with Chinese cultural festivals?

NBH boasts extensive experience in the realm of digital marketing within China. Our expertise is accessible in both Europe and China. Explore our services further by clicking here.

Based on your industry and target audience, we tailor your marketing strategies to the appropriate platforms.

Digital Marketing for B2B in China: NBH summerize our seminar tour in collab with SCTC!

Digital Marketing for B2B in China: NBH summerize our seminar tour in collab with SCTC!

NBH kick-started 2023 with a mini seminar tour! Starting in Stockholm 16 January, Gothenburg 9 February and finally in Malmö on 3 March!

We did these seminars together with the Sweden-China Trade Council, and we want to give a real shout-out to Elisabeth Söderström, secretary general at SCTC, for such a fine collaboration!

NBH CEO Jonathan Kullman and CCO Richard Hårdhänge talked about digital marketing in China, what opportunities exist and the rapid development that is taking place. We focused above all on B2B in China, where digital communication has come to play a greater role.

To read more about the seminar program, click here.

In Stockholm, were we lucky to have Chris Engström from Eletta Flow as our guest-speaker. Chris shared his experiences from working with China pre-covid and how digitalization has opened up opportunities in reaching China.

In February, Port of Gothenburg welcome us to hold the seminar located at their office-space, and Jacob Minnhagen started the day by talking about his experiences working with China.

Last but not least, we finished in Malmö at the Syd / Svenska Handelskammaren where Mariette Gunnarsson welcomed us.

It was exciting to finally get out and meet people from the industry, with the same interest as us for China. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to everyone who contributed with interesting questions and dialogues!

See you soon again!

Seminar in Malmö. Location at Syd / Svenska Handelskammaren.
Stockholm seminar 16 January 2023.
8 of March: The rise of the She-hero!

8 of March: The rise of the She-hero!

In China, International Women’s Day (IWD) has received increased attention in recent years. A few years ago, this holiday was recognized more as a tribute to women, similar to Mother’s Day and perhaps Valentine’s Day. But today, IWD is more noticed as a tribute to women’s rights, and women’s progress towards a more equal society.

From a market perspective, this day has almost become a competition about who “celebrates” women the most. 

This holiday is also interesting from a market perspective because it shows China’s rapid development in demand, consumer behavior, and the importance of thinking locally. 

How is International Women’s Day celebrated in China?

Many companies celebrate the IWD by giving women employees a half day off. Some companies also give small gifts in the form of postcards or perhaps a fruit basket.

“Girls Day” is a festival day in China that is celebrated at universities on March 7, one day before IWD. The Girls Day is celebrated by universities offering different activities, competitions, and meet-ups for girls.

Historically, Women’s Day in China has been celebrated since 1921, but it was in 1949, with the People’s Republic of China, that it became an official holiday. The year of 1950 is also an important landmark with the introduction of the “Marriage law” that keeps women free from arranged marriages, which was a great step for the womens right, and today we see the rise of the She-economy.

Image: Adobestock

Why has Women’s Day in China become so important?

The term “Sheeconomy” found its place in China’s dictionary in 2007. It refers to the new market that emerged from women’s better economic conditions, and increased consumption. In the media, the term was used to describe how women choose careers instead of family and the overall development of gender norms in society.

Today, most articles and debates are focused on how big brands and e-platforms are targeting the “Sheeconomy” in their marketing strategy. According to Alibaba’s Digital B2B Outlook 2023, over 70% of all purchases in households are made by women, including luxury products and online shopping, etc.

This day has been criticized for becoming more of a shopping day. But this, in turn, is also criticized by the younger generation who appreciate that women’s issues are being addressed, even if it is through “shopping”.

How do brands celebrate International Women’s Day in China? 

NBH has taken a quick look at marketing trends during International Womens Day in China.


Close to 8 March 2023, the American chocolate brand Hershey made a big success with the launch of a limited collection of the theme HERSHE (HER-SHE) and named the campaign SHEROES (SHE-HEROES). The campaign celebrates International Women’s Day by honoring three women who have contributed positively to society: Wildlife photographer Xu Keyi, volunteer teacher Wan Lijun, and the young artist Wu Xixia. 

This had led to #HERSHE being widely spread on social media.

Hershey’s campaign for IWD China 2023. Image: Socialbeta

The domestic beauty brand had a similar theme. The Chinese cosmetic brandFlorasis 花西子, celebrated IWD by interviewing three women from different industries about sensitivity (敏感力), is being sensitive and emotional a negative thing?

Watch the full campaign video here.

Screenshot from Florasis campaign video for IWD 2023. Source: Weibo

The theme this year just seems to be a little more down to earth and also pays tribute to the “ordinary woman”.

A promotional video that is still mentioned when talking about IWD, NBH wrote about it last year as well, but it is still worth mentioning, is the beauty brand Proya. This campaign was collab with Women’s Daily 2021.

International Womens Day campaign 2021 – Proya cosmetic.

To summarize, marketing during this years IWD is trending towards softer values. A successful market strategy is to dare to be more personal, integrate with the customer and above all adapt the strategy for China.

NBH Guide to B2B Opinion Leaders: Build brand awareness and grow sales with an expert in your industry!

NBH Guide to B2B Opinion Leaders: Build brand awareness and grow sales with an expert in your industry!

A buzzing trend within the B2B sector is the marketing transformation that many companies are undergoing. 

Digital marketing has become increasingly important for B2B companies in general, and for those that aim for the Chinese market in particular. 

In this guide, NBH talks about Influencer Marketing for B2B, in China often referred to as KOLs (Key opinion leaders) or just Opinion Leaders.

Digital Communication. Image: Adobe Stock

Digital Marketing for B2B

Chinese consumers tend to be more receptive to digital trends and adapt fast to a constantly changing environment. When people in the west think of Influencer Marketing they think of B2C.

Within B2B, business relations have for long been more traditional, in the form of participating in fairs, and events and handing out business cards. The digital transformation that’s taken place within B2C has not reached the same impact in B2B, until now.   

This trend has many explanations, primarily digital development, but the pandemic may also be the answer to this rapid change.

Physical meetings are of course still important, but adding a digital presence has become more crucial.

KOLs a.k.a. Opinion Leaders for B2B in China

Collaborations with Opinion Leaders within B2B have come to be an important part of the marketing strategy in China. China has built many platforms that target specific industries. You may recognize digital platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and Baidu, but there are also many other possibilities and platforms to work with. 

To give a few examples…

  • Zhihu is China’s largest Q&A platform and has a wide variety of industry professionals who provide solid information and is trusted by millions of users. Zhihu should be one of the most prioritized platforms if you as a B2B company want to increase your digital presence. Read our Guide to Zhihu here.

  • Bilibili is one of China’s largest video platforms. The platform invites quality content and attracts a wide range of targeting groups and industries. On this platform, you have the opportunity to think “outside the box” and push video content. Read our Guide to Bilibili here.

  • Douyin is “China’s” Tiktok. Here you might feel confused, can it really be for B2B? The answer is yes. In China, the Tiktok platform has a longer history than in the West and is often used for educational and research purposes. Douyin has a wide range of users of different ages. Read NBH Douyin Guide here.

These are just a few examples of how you can increase your online precence.

Collaboration with an Opinion Leader and pushing campaigns is an effective way to increase your visibility, spread your message, gain credibility and more leads.

Because, how will your targeted audience find you if you don’t let them know that you exist?

Chinas No 1. Q&A Platform – Zhihu. Image: Adobe Stock

Pick a “star” of your industry

China’s digital landscape is complex and varies between different geographical areas, sectors, and targeted groups. Therefore, always use an Opinion Leader with a local connection.

Although there are great similarities between more traditional B2C KOL-marketing and Opinion Leaders within B2B, there are also some important differences.

Within B2B, the aim is first and foremost to build trust within your targeted area. Second, to reach as many potential stakeholders as possible.  The choice of opinion leader should therefore be made with these two factors in mind.

To increase credibility and trust, you should choose a person with a good reputation, who is, for example, an expert in the field in which you are active. It could be a person with long professional experience, a researcher, or an important name in the industry.

If you are active in wind power, a local researcher with high credibility may be an option. In pharmaceuticals, it can be doctors, etc.

NBH case study. Scandinavien B2B company doing solution for prodction and automation.

Don’t estimate the value of collab with an Opinion Leader

Just like all marketing, it’s about valuing the cost against the potential effect. The opportunities that a collaboration with an Opinion Leader can provide are huge. And they can add value to your business.

Opinion leaders are the new reality in China. And perhaps the question should not be whether it is too costly to cooperate with them, but rather if you can afford not to.

The market has changed and standing still usually means falling behind.

Malmö seminar: Digital Marketing for B2B in China

Malmö seminar: Digital Marketing for B2B in China

NBH mini-tour together with Sweden China Trade Council continues! After two successful meetings in Stockholm and Gothenburg, do we continue with a last stop (for this time 😉 ) in Malmö.

Come join us for a breakfast and learn more about how you as a B2B company can increase precense with Digital Marketing in China.

Our marketing experts, CEO Jonathan Kullman and CCO Richard Hårdänge will be there to share their knowledge and experience of digital marketing in China.

B2B is undergoing a transformation in its sales process where the digital marketing strategy has become increasingly important. During this event will you learn more about Chinas Digital Landscape and how you as a B2B company can adapt your marketing strategy for China. You will also have the chance to meet other participants that is also working with China.

The event in Malmö is also a collaboration with Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren where the meeting also will be held.

These are some of the topics for the seminar:

  • WeChat

How to increase the number of followers from your industry on WeChat?

  • Chinese Website

Why is a CN website so important?

  • Chinas search engine Baidu

How do you create business opportunities via China’s largest search engine Baidu?

  • Industry Media

How do you reach industry media via PR?

After the seminar, you also have the opportunity of a free 15-minute consultation. In that case, email [email protected] and register your interest with the subject line “Digital marketing – Malmö”.

The event will take place:

Malmö: Friday, 3 March 2023, 09.00 – 11.00 CET

How to register?

Click here for more information and registration.