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Joe Gong

Key Account Manager

Joe Gong joined the NBH team in 2016 and has been working as a Key Account Manager since then.

As a Key Account Manager, he is responsible for the daily operations such as content planning, copywriting, interaction with followers, campaign planning and execution, data reporting, and client management for the key accounts. The key accounts that Joe Gong oversees cross a broad range of industries, from fashion to tourism.

He was born and raised in China, and went to Macquarie University, Australia for his Master of International Business within Marketing.

After returning to China from Australia, he worked in Central Academy of Fine Arts as a lecturer, and later decided to pursue his passion for Sweden and therefore went to Lund and studied Swedish language and culture for two years. Despite short time in Sweden, most of Joe Gong’s clients and colleagues are surprised by his fluency in Swedish and his knowledge about Sweden and Swedish cultures.

His marketing knowledge and the Nordic experience enabled him to understand the needs of the clients quickly and turn them into concreate marketing practices for the Chinese market.

Find Joe Gong on LinkedIn.

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