New Year Special: NBH Looking into the Tiger Campaigns

Feb 3, 2022 |

Every year towards the Chinese New Year, it is always interesting to see how brands target their New Year campaigns.  

This year has been an increased amount of New Year commerce, this regards both global and domestic vendors. We believe that this is not only because the tiger’s pattern is so incredibly good-looking, but also because brands have gotten better at their marketing towards China. We see this not only on Chinese platforms such as WeChat and Little Red Book, but also in “Western” media such as Instagram. 

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is their biggest celebration of the year, not only in China but for all Chinese communities around the globe. It is also a big celebration for many other Asian countries, over about 1.5 billion people across the world are taking part in the festivities. This cultural holiday can be compared to “Western” Christmas, from a market perspective, why not value CNY as highly?

Chinas Lunar New Year – The Year of The Tiger

On the 1st of February, 2022, we entered the year of the tiger, the tiger falls in year three among the 12 zodiac animals. This year is also the element of water, which means it is “The Water Tiger Year”. Water has the most Yin of the five elements, characterizing stillness and conserving. The tiger is known for bravery, confidence, and strength (but also for its stubbornness). 

During Chinese New Year, you should bring luck to the year and your family. This by, for example, wearing your lucky color, eating “lucky dumpling” or wishing your loved ones a happy new year. 

Ahead of this New Year, has the tiger been a hot element both by smaller and bigger vendors, some people describing it as “The Tiger economy”. Brands have been wanting to spread hope and optimism for the new year, common marketing themes have been a family reunion, sustainability, or the woman’s place in society. When we take a closer look at international brands, we can see more traditional cultural elements, such as collaborations with domestic creators.

What are the popular trends for Chinese New Year 2022? 

NBH has taken a closer look at our favorites, and at the campaigns that have received a little extra attention.

The Luxury Brands are on it!

One good example of viewing luxury brands is Gucci. Gucci has gone all-in with its “Gucci Tiger” collection! The collection not only shows this year’s zodiac animal but is also showcasing sustainable materials such as exclusive environmentally friendly packaging and eco-friendly tiger watches.

This promotional film received 25 million views on Weibo and was a smart move to reach Gen Z. The reunion celebrities’ dinner film includes brand ambassadors, such as Chris Lee, Ni Ni, Lu Han, and Xiao Zhan.

Did this go wrong? 

Red envelop or Hongbao is a traditional custom, where money is given away in a red envelope. In recent years, this has gone viral, where you can send “Hongbao” on WeChat, for example. This is used by many brands as part of their marketing, where you can buy their design of Hongbao. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to reach followers. Traditionally, Hongbao is red, hong means red.

This year Bottega Veneta launched their Hongbao 红包 Yellow? This move has been well discussed. Instead of red they feature their envelope with deep green and yellow related to tangerine and oranges which is the “fortune fruit”. Quite a risky move, do we like it or not?

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Pictures feature Bottega Venete Hongbao, pictures taken from Weibo.

Artistic collabs

Collaborations with domestic creators have become increasingly popular, this can really be seen during launches before CNY. Here is an example of Vans, who launched a collection with the artist Huatunan (Chen Yingjie).

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How about the nordic brands?  

As a nordic agency, we have of course looked into how the nordic brands have been keeping up for the Tiger Year. Two good examples are the limited tiger print edition launched by Acne Studios, and Happy Socks launching Tiger socks with beautiful packaging.

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Photo: Acne Studios

In China, the details are important, and thus the packaging. This is something that Happy Socks has really embraced, launching a great-looking new year sock box.

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Photo: Happy Socks

If you haven’t noticed. Don’t forget the box!  

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Photo: NYPost Composite

During the CNY, we can also see good examples of creative New Year’s packaging with cultural elements, both in terms of food, liqueur, chocolate, clothes, etc. We think you got it!

Last but not least, NBH family wants to wish you a Happy (Hu 虎) Year!

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